Project Management

Community Development
Community Development, with all it's pitfalls and challenges, has been successfully implemented by Will is a Way for a resource centre in Kazakhstan named "Decenta". In community development processes Will is a Way makes use and evolves the, through Leo F. Jacobs dveloped, "STAARD model and Process". Click here for a summary of the STAARD model. (PDF, 19kb)

Networking is commonly used to improve the market position of a company, and to expand the entrepreneurs knowledge. Will is a Way has used this technique for a coalition of small tourism companies (
Ontdek Ons!) and VeKaBo (Camping with Farmers).

Job employment projects
In the by Will is a Way guided job employment projects, the purpose is to make people who are looking for a job aware of their qualities and preferences, so that they can function better in society. Besides that Will is a Way also strives for a job certainty warrant after completing the educational course. This vision has been incorporated at Barc BV and at the Recreational Environmental centre Ecoscope, in Renesse.


Last update: 01-06-10