Profile Leo F. Jacobs

Hands on manager
I am a business consultant / coach in sustainable development with many years of experience. Throughout my career, I have worked on many short-term projects and have specialised in  former USSR countries. One of my strong points is initiating and setting up new projects in a short time. I am always looking for new challenges, whereby I can make use of my main skills and experiences. In preparation for these challenges, I constantly analyze my strengths and weaknesses, in combination with the opportunities and threats offered in the field of my interests, and aim to optimize my skills. 

  • I make use of my leadership and coaching skills by a supportive approach to develop the capacities of team members and co-workers.
  • My communication and negotiation skills, with a broad range of individuals and organizations from diverse cultures and backgrounds, have proven effective.
  • Cooperative planning and problem solving skills are part of my personality as well as interpersonal skills.
  • I am capable to design and deliver convincing presentations and to represent organizational priorities.
  • My language skills are such that I can learn to communicate in the appropriate language in a short period. I am fluent in English, Dutch, German, and able to communicate in French and Russian.
  • I am flexible due to my broad experience in all sectors combined with working in different countries under different circumstances.
  • Practical and theoretical experience in organization development, flexible but firm project management (strategic planning, administration, staff development and training), supervision and coordination.
  • Experience in all stages of project cycle management (project identification and feasibility, project design, implementation, monitoring & assessment, evaluation);
  • Interest, knowledge and hands on experience in participatory community
  • Experience in identifying regional and local needs, screening of project ideas and evaluation of their relevance.
  • Experience in collaborating with donor organizations and development agencies.
  • Experience in organisational and institutional strengthening of NGOs.
  • Entrepreneurial experience in starting and running a consultancy, dealing with advising small and medium scale enterprises, coaching and training of individuals and organizations and project management.
  • Experienced in organising and providing training in the field of SMEs economic development.
  • Proven networking abilities
I am an enthusiastic, reliable and motivated hands on manager with a particular interest in and understanding of development issues. I am interested in various cultures and see it as a challenge to help develop the understanding and realization of the advantages of collaboration between peoples. For further professional and educational details, please refer to my website Curriculum Vitae. If your organisation can make use of my knowledge, skills and experiences, you can contact me at:

Last update: 11-04-17