For the mother of my son , 

You must have been scared at times watching over your son, 

I am grateful for what you have done,

although I realize you have never been my one, 

when I notice to what it might lead elsewhere,

I appreciate the given protection and care. 

Leo F. Jacobs25 December 2009


A kid

Not afraid to learn things, try things

Experience everything for  the first time

Being, having, doing  

Grown ups

Work ,  make money and show off

Doing, having, being            

Leo F. Jacobs 11 November 2009



Gallop through the mountains with Gayla your mother

Run with your sister Marios

Run with all the others be there with the white horse

Be free! let go of your pain!Thank you for all you give and have given

You gave me the best relaxation I had

You taught me so much about living here

About being patient you were wise and loving

I write in the past as I am sure you are gone already to the heaven of horses

Have a good time there, forgive me for anything I have done wrong

I will love and remember you forever                              

Leo F. Jacobs , Bryagovo, 13 Febraury 2008

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