Will is a Way can provide a vast array of references. A few of those are:

General references

Strategic management consultancy
Consultancy regarding strategic management. Literature studies and workshops.
Example Project: VeKaBo

Management consultancy
Creation of business plan, implementation of SWOT, internal- and external analysis.

Market analysis
Analysis of growth, trends market development and consumers behaviour.

Qualitative market research
Consumers and business research, analysis of need behaviour and perceptions.
Example projects: Raasay Outdoor Centre, Schotland; Outdoor Centre, Belgie

Product development
Development of a product designed for suppliers and potential demand.
Example Projects: Favoriet reizen Centre ‘d Exelence België

Public relations & information
Research concerning the best way to conduct PR.
Example Projects: VeKaBo

Initiating and guiding the creation of a strategic union.
Example Projects: Ontdek Ons!, VeKaBo, Recreatieplatform Gaasterland-Sleat

Specific references

Subjects regarding Sustainable (economically, agricultural) Tourism, Agriculture and Nature.

Counselling students
Example Projects: Van Hall Institute, HEAO Emmen

Organising (study) trips
Organising education trips regarding Agricultural Tourism.
Example Projects: Chambre Agriculture, NBBS reizen

Business consultancy

Buorkerij Sotterum te Cornwerd, Camping Boszicht te Damwoude
Creation of business plan.

Arado te Medemblik, Duinzicht te Bergen
Business expansion, licences, dispensations.

Project management

St. Buitenlandse werknemers R’dam
Consulting ‘Tourism job employment project’.

St. Drom Paczkowska
Consulting job employment project ‘Restoration / renovation’ in Poland.

Training / shaping

European Centre Eco Agri Tourism
Composing a manual for participating farmers regarding training sessions and lectures.

Scouting projectgroep O-Europa
Training for staffmembers of scouting Czech Republic regarding thematic working.


  • All references and services are offered on multiple scales, namely: company, branch, region, national, international.
  • All references and services are being offered through a combination of the following instruments:
    • Literature studies
    • Consultancy
    • Organising workshops
    • Organising educational trips

Last update: 21-06-12