Coaching / Training

(transformation) Coaching
Coaching people  and or organisations, embraces the principle of "learning through experiencing". The objectives of learning are suggested by the coursetakers and translated to activities. The purpose of this is to obtain a mental attitude, which allows you to act with more self awareness when confronted with certain situations in order to obtain your place in society. Will is a Way's coaching activities are based on "intuitive coaching", using amongst others "energy reading", meditation, philosophy, therapeutic massage and discussion techniques. Through this the coach aims to get the best out of the coachee (client), while with training the advisor aims to transfer 'the best of his knowledge' onto the client. Thus a coach will always try to increase the personal qualities of the coachee.

The giving of training where the trainer aims to transfer his specific knowledge on a certain subject to the course takers, in a participating manner.


Last update: 11-04-17